Monday, January 09, 2012


The Dreaded Evaluasi

Simon McMenemy has only been with Mitra Kukar for five games but already the club are mumbling about 'evaluating' his performance...Indonesian football speak for the dreaded of vote of confidence.

Very often it's little more than the club owners speaking out in public, trying to head off any fan demonstration about poor performances on the field. Arema were caught out recently with fans voicing their disquiet following a disappointing 2-2 home draw against bottom table Persiram. Coach Wolfgang Pikal was gone the next day.

As of now newly promoted Mitra Kukar sit n the 18 team Indonesia Super League with two wins and two defeats. If my maths are any good that leaves one draw.

Mitra Kukar have gathered together an expensive squad featuring a lot of current internationals like Arif Suryono and hamkah Hamza as well as English import Marcus Bent.

A v PSMS 1-1
A v PSAP 3-2
H v Persiwa 6-1
H v Persipura 1-2
A v PSPS 1-3

you are rite mate , thats the bad side of indonesian people .. the "instant short cut result culture" .. never want to learn about process .. though they assembled an expensive squad but they need some time to mature and learn to became one team .. looka the time needed by roberto mancini to make the blue moon is rising like now .. 1,5 season to won the FA cup and challenges the big 5 domination even though they have an unlimited budget .. sir Alex need 4-5 years to build form the scratch to grow a dynasties which lasted maybe for a quarter century and more .. hopefully there were some people who wants to learn from it in indonesia .. would you like to help indonesian football club , anthony ? .. maybe becoming one of the CEO in our local clubs ..
ha ha ha

i wouldnt last 5 minutes. 1st time anything went wrong and guess who'll they blame?!
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