Friday, December 02, 2011


Wilko's Uniform Fetish

Home United may have won the Singapore Cup but the SLeague title is the one they wanted and they missed out by one point to Tampines. They have already started strengthening their squad for the new season, which I believe begins in February or March, with a familiar face returning to Lion City and a hot talent from last season.

At the start of 2011 Singaporean international John Wilkinson swapped the military uniform of SAFFC for the police uniform of Police United in the Thai Premier League. It will be a short stay for now Wilkinson has earnt himself a transfer to the former police team in Singapore, now better known as Home United.

Joining Wilkinson at the runners up is Albirex Niigata striker Shotara Ihata who hit 22 goals in the last campaign which saw the White Swans finish 4th. Their highest ever finish.

Goals weren't really an issue for Home last season. Frederic Mendy hit 21 while Qiu Li found the net 17 times. They now boast three of the top five scorers from the just finished season.

Wow! Very ambitious them Home United, they sure got the money what with free cakes in all home games and goodie bags recent RHB Singapore Cup Final...
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