Friday, December 16, 2011


Thais Clueless When TPL Will End

Incompetence over fixture scheduling is an ASEAN speciality. The Indonesians have long led the field, and now there are two leagues there we get to see double the incompetence.

Lately the Thais want their turn. The current Thai Premier League began in March and there have been so many changes to the schedule I think everyone has forgotten when it was originally slated to end.

Now comes news it may end in January 2012. The King's Cup, a tournament featuring 'B' teams and Under 23 teams usually from Scandinavia and North Korea, has also thrown a spanner in the works, pushing dates back even further.

Still, the Thais have some way to go to beat the Indonesians whose 2007 season finished in January 2008.

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