Friday, December 09, 2011


SLeague 2.0 & Leaks Galore

Among the changes being mooted next year for the expanded 14 team SLeague are games to be spread over three match days. At the moment games are as good as played seven days a week so the same stewards and fans don't miss a game. The season will kick off 9/2/12.

Etoile also have asked to be allowed to play local players. They want to include six in their squad, playing a maximum of four. If granted perhaps they can change their name? One suggestion given to me could be Queenstown Stars!

Oh and chairman told to watch what they say! They don't like too much freedom of expression there, do they!

No mention of improved marketing yet...

excluding the malaysian tigers, why are there always foreign teams in the s-league? can never understand that...
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