Friday, December 16, 2011


Rahmad Admits PSSI Forced Departure

Former Indonesia Under 23 coach Rahmad Darmawan has admitted it was decisions taken by the PSSI that forced him to step down. He had earlier led Indonesia to the SEA Games Final where they lost on penalties to Malaysia.

The PSSI announced only players who take part in their own Indonesia Premier League would be eligible for the national team. When you consider the best players, and the best teams, are competing in the 'rebel' Super League it is easy to understand Darmawan's frustration.

The new PSSI have a habit of getting rid of coaches who take the national team to finals. Earlier this year they sacked Alfred Riedl because, they claimed, they could not find his contract. Riedl had earlier led Indonesia to the final of the ASEAN Cup where they had lost to Malaysia.

So there you have it. If you are thinking of becoming the coach of national team in Indonesia any time soon, don't go and reach a final...

come on anthony ... the ISL is illegal and Its FIFA's Rule to prohibit players in unoffcial league to play in their international competition.. where have you been when Pasoepati rejects joko driyono's seduction to put persis into illegal second tier league
To quote a wrinkled, old man: "Illegal is a sick bird." All things are possible in Indonesia as long as there is enough money, and Arifin and the Bakries definitely have enough money.
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