Tuesday, December 13, 2011


More Bad News For PSSI

In yet more humiliation for the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), Rahmad Darmawan has stepped down as coach of the Under 23 team. He says the reason is because the team failed to win the SEA Games; they were beaten by Malaysia on penalties in the final.

However the PSSI had said that the national team could only call on players who played in the 'official' Indonesia Premier League, a continuation of the failed LPI last season which has failed to attract the best clubs and players.

The bulk of the SEA Games team came from the Indonesia Super League, this year's rebel league, and if the coach was to be limited to IPL players he would have had slim pickings indeed.

The new officials at the PSSI had promised to 'change the game' bringing football into the modern era but they have been marred by a serious of gaffes and decisions that have left people scratching their head.

They started by sacking former national team coach Alfred Riedl because, so they said, they couldn't find his contract. They then built a top division of 24 teams only to see 11 pull out. Now even with the second tier Divisi Utama they are facing difficulties with plans for a three division league of 36 teams now whittled down to 27.

They kicked off their IPl with a game between Persib and Semen Padang only for Persib to later leave the league, causing more embarrassment.

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