Sunday, December 04, 2011


Jakarta FC Start To Smell The Roses

Those who may have been caught off guard for the last several months, Indonesia boasts two leagues. One is official, one isn't. There are also two Persijas. One is official but they don't play in the official league while the other is just Jakarta FC trying to piggy back on name and brand recognition and failing to do so.

In the LPI last season Jakarta FC struggled to draw any fans, averaging in the low hundreds at best. Now they are part of the official league set up and have already played two games this season, drawing 3-3 with Persiraja and defeating PSMS Medan 3-1 (there are also two PSMS but that is a whole different story).

Now though, and with the planning that has come to epitomise the IPL, Jakarta FC have come to realise they have a home game coming up next week, Thursday to be precise and they need to think about where they will play it.

Their somewhat fanciful website, which features You Tube clips of the real Persija in action last season, suggests they will use Bung Karno Stadium which has a whiff of a fairy tale about it. Given the high rental costs and the low support the club get that is really unlikely. As unlikely as me playing in defence for them in fact.

Given that the Persija fan club have forcibly come out in support of the ISL version Jakarta FC, who seem to still insist on being called Persija, are looking at options of playing elsewhere. Among options being considered are Wilis Stadium in Madiun and Manahan Stadium in Solo.

Which means that those fans who did follow the team last year, the hardy few, can go rot.

And if a move to another stadium does go ahead then logic and football dictate the name of the club change to reflect their new home base. But logic and football have never been major factors in any other decision taken by the FA.

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