Saturday, December 03, 2011


ISL Clubs Face Problems With ITC

Indonesia Super League clubs are facing problems over International Transfer Clearances. Deltras new signing Sean Rooney was told he couldn't play against Persija just minutes ahead of the kick off the other day while Persija had a similar problem with Pedro Javier.

The ISL of course is this year's rebel league so in theory they don't even need ITCs because they are not recognised by the local FA, the AFC or FIFA. Last year's rebel league, the LPI, didn't worry themselves about such minor details and happily played anyone who fancied a game.

Now the LPI, or IPL, is the official league.

Apparently the transfer window has closed and no more players can be signed. How true that is I don't know. In this place it is never clear whether there is such a regulation in place or people are acting out of spite.

The current impasse is now threatening Marcus Bent's debut for Mitra Kukar against PSMS tomorrow.

so confusing :(
so normal...
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