Monday, December 19, 2011


Couple Of Thai Records

It’s hard to get too excited about Buriram PEA winning the Thai Premier League. It’s been a done deal for so long plus the involvement of high profile politicians and the lingering suspicions of franchise football all leave a bad taste in the mouth.

There are though a couple of noteworthy achievements to come out of their triumph. Rangsan Vivatchajchok won his fifth TPL title with a third or fourth different club.

2000 – BEC Tero

2003 – Krung Thai Bang

2004 – Krung Thai Bank

2008 – PEA

2011 – Buriram PEA

Sure likes his corporate teams, this fella. The question is how much are PEA related to Buriram PEA? Are they different teams? Is PEA just a name available to the highest bidder? Does anyone really care?

For Buriram PEA coach Attapon Busabakom it’s his third title as coach with three different clubs

2003 – Krung Thai Bank

2009 – Muang Thong United

2011 – Buriram PEA

SourceThai League Football

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