Friday, November 11, 2011


Vanu's Expensive Lesson

You could see the internet wariors racing for their keyboard once Singapore striker Nigel Vanu received a red after lashing out at an Indonesia player during their SEA Games encounter at the Bung Karno earlier this afternoon. 1- 0 against the hosts following poor performances against Malaysia and Cambodia, Vanu's red gave them a target for their opprobrium.

When something goes wrong it is always easy to vent your fury on an individual rather than a team. I grew up thinking Norman Hunter was a tosser because his slip againts Poland in a world cup qualifier back in 1973 led to Lato giving them the lead at Wembley and leaving us a mountain to climb. There were plenty of reasons to call Hunter a tosser of course but that slip made it sweeter.

The scene was set for a Singapore collapse. Trailing against the joint favourites, my opinion at least, a player the flood gates, let the massacre begin.

Unfortunately it didn't happen. Singapore didn't rollover to have their belly tickled nor did they crumble against the home team's onslaught. They held on and second half emerged with honours even.

Vanu may not enjoy tomorrow's headlines back home but his team mates' robust second half performance will have blunted much of the venom that would have ben directed towards him.

His reaction was stupid and if he was honest he would hold his hands up and say sorry to his team mates. On second thoughts no, thats the last thing he should do. Raising his hands has got him enough trouble. Anyway you can be sure coach Slobadan will be having a word in his shell like.

The whole point of these Under 23s is to learn and Nigel Vanu will have learnt a valuable leson that will hold him in good stead.

Though i am not in favour of tattos, Vanu is the new Lion-heart or the new Joey Barton...
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