Tuesday, November 08, 2011


They Called Him God

Perhaps I'm showing my age but Robbie Fowler most definitely ain't of my era. I was getting ensconced in Bangkok as he started making ripples in the Premier League and I remember him scoring a quick fire hat trick for Liverpool against Arsenal in one of his early games.

Now I've moved on from Bangkok and he has moved there. Initially as a player for Muang Thong United then as their latest coach. He's never gonna emulate Sir Alex Ferguson, if he manages 25 games he'll be doing well, but he has started his coaching career with three consecutive wins.

It's probably academic as Buriram PEA are gonna win the league and Fowler himself has already been linked with other coaching jobs back in the UK and given that Muang Thong don't like their coaches to get too comfortable it's fair to suggest Fowler may not see much of next season at the two time champions.

Rather his appointment does seem to be more of a vanity trip by the club owners; something the Thais love so much. Witness the appointments of Peter Reid and Bryan Robson as coaches of the national team. Face and status drives these appointments...

SEAsian football need to be pragmatic, not fanatic...
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