Monday, November 14, 2011


Semi Finalists Sorted In Group B

There was never any doubt, was there. Group B was a formality for Vietnam and Myanmar, just a kick around ahead of the semis.

Myanmar technically looked good but a lack of pace up front held them back most of the game. They may argue they won 4-0 but it was the Philippines they were playing, not Brazil. Funny team, Myanmar. They're never quite good enough to win regional trophies or beat the big 5, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam, but they're too good for the other countries. They just need that something extra to push them into the top echelon of south east Asia but what is that little extra?

You rarely hear of Myanmar players going overseas. The local league has undergone an overhaul in recent years with private money flooding into the game, for whatever reason, and well known coaches like Ken Worden, PN Sivaji and Peter Butler have all tired their luck in recent years.

Laos have yet to impress though they did look good against Timor Leste last night. Lamnao Singto, who hit two goals when Laos surprised Indonesia in Vientiane in 2009, looks a class act and is the leading scorer in the competition so far, his brace last night taking hm to six so far.

Vietnam and Myanmar will line up alongside Indonesia and probably Malaysia. Expect ticket prices to double!

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