Friday, November 25, 2011


Indonesia Lose Automatic ACL Spot

As I intimated Persipura will not be entering the 2012 AFC Champions League. At least automatically. The AFC are obviously so unimpressed by the internal dicking around in Indonesian football that the automatic spot has been given to Buriram PEA from the Thai Premier League. Assuming of course they win the TPL!

In fact Buriram PEA probably won't be called Buriram PEA when they come up against the power of Japan and South Korea. Loko's Thai Fussball is reporting they will merge with Buriram FC to form the originally named Buriram United. The PEA 'franchise' who won the league while in Ayuthya a few years back, will be on the move but destination unknown.

Indonesia do get a play off spot as do Thailand, Australia, South Korea and China. Meanwhile the football crazy Qatar get four places. You can do that when you have a favoured son head the federation I guess.

qatar 4 team ?
lol how ?

i never see hardcore football fan in qatar league
South East Asian clubs dont need Asian Champions League football thank you...
They certainly act that way, Wahid.
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