Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Geylang United Trivia

Which two Singaporean international keepers started their careers in the Geylang United youth team?
Which two players have spent the longest with one team in Singapore and what was that team?
Which SLeague team had never won at Bedok Stadium since the competition began?

This kind of trivia is commonplace in England where fans are quick to absorb all sorts of nonsense about the game and their favourite team.

Less common in south east Asia where it seems a person's support for a team is judged by the number of replica shirts he has. Knowledge against materialism?!

The above questions come from Geylang United's excellent matchday programme. After years of whining about SLeague teams doing nothing to ocnnect with fans it is good to see the Eagles doing their bit. As well as the programme they have a small merchandising booth at home games offering a small selection of souveniers to fans. Interestingly foreign visitors, brought up on a culture of collecting, are picking up a few things as a momento of their time in Singapore.

Hopefully a few more locals may take the time to do the same.

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