Thursday, November 10, 2011


Cambodia v Singapore 1-2

Some might suggest the Singapore public are notoriously difficult to please. Others that they are whiney bunch who would complain about beating Brazil 5-0 in the World Cup Final. This performance won't shut them up.

A credible 0-0 in their opening game against the holders Malaysia was greeted with resigned resignation as the nation collectively sighed and said here we go again, a Singapore team promising much but delivering little.

Playing in an empty stadium, I guess the organisers won't announce how many tickets were sold but it must have been less than 100, the Lions struggled to find any fluency and went it at half time losing 1-0 to a goal you won't find in any training manual. A speculative cross from the touchline getting over the keeper and into the top corner.

Khairul Nizam and Nigel Vanu eventually won the game for the Lions but it was a close thing. Four points from their opening two games puts them in joint second place with Malaysia but in a group that is going to be defined by how many goals teams can score against Cambodia this performance would have felt more like a defeat than a victory.

Still, three points is three points.

Images of the game can be found on Asian Football Pictures

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