Thursday, November 24, 2011


Another First For Indonesia?

Indonesia is forever pushing the frontiers of the possible in football and now they have come up with something that will take some surpassing in the global community.

Persib Bandung played Semen Padang in the opening game of the Indonesia Premier League season back in the middle of October. It was the first game of the new season and, to date, the only game of the new season.

Much has happened since then including Persib deciding to leave the IPL and join the Indonesia Super League. Next Saturday they are scheduled to host Persiram in what will be their second home game of the season but their first in ISL.

Two games. Two leagues...

Now come on, you tell me another country in the world where football can reach such farcical levels…

And yet they have managed to enter the third round of the World Cup Qualification tournament, based on the merits of their predecessors. Granted, they haven't done much to impress, but this shows it wasn't always the mess that it is now...
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