Sunday, September 04, 2011


When Sterile Is Not Sterile

I thought I had read somewhere that FIFA required all venues hosting World Cup Qualifiers to be sterile for a period of was it 14 days ahead of the game? By sterile I imagine they mean mobs of white clad nurses swabbing down all the cutlery while big burly geezers in face masks sweep the urinals of their amassed shit and piss.

Sterile perhaps has a different meaning in Indonesia. Desperately short of football stadiums as it was some smart alec went and booked the Bung Karno Stadium for a friendly match between a group of old farts from Indonesia and another group of old farts who once played for AC Milan.

That game has just ended and in less than 48 hours time Indonesia are due to host Bahrain in their second World Cup Qualifier. I Know I'm lousy at maths but I'm having difficulty reconciling 48 hours with 14 days. However a mate of mine who is a bean counter tells me he can never reconcile anything involving numbers in this country!

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