Friday, September 16, 2011


Results 15/09


Tanjong Pagar v Home United 0-3 (Frederic Mendy, Valery Hiek 2) 447

The Protectors return to the top of the SLeague with a comfortable win over new boys Tanjong Pagar but another disappointing crowd. 15 consecutive games watched by less than a 1,000 fans.

As Iam saying wait until 2013 until that man in FAS step down

He is two-faced, also claiming he love local game but nvr going to a game until his political boss is there

As for the personals under him like FAS Secretary-general Winston Lee, he himself is more interested to butter his own boss & that is that man nw

As I noted before, if they cnnt even organised a 300-goal celebration for Duric a year with them blaming their manager for forgetting (But as I noted everybody knew Duric was coming for wks if nt mths)wht hopes do U think they cared abt other things.

It is the small matters tht show if one cares.
spot on happy

really looking fwd to getting back to a game soon
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