Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

OK, so I understand the format for the next Indonesian season will be 24 clubs. The season will begin on 14 October and will end in October 2012. That's a year later. The 2011/2012 will run for a couple of weeks I guess before the SEA Games will halt everything for a while. And once the season does end next October the best players will be rewarded with a call up for their national teams to compete in the ASEAN Football Federation Cup.

Now don't start booking any flights yet because as far as I'm aware the fixture list hasn't been made available. And when it does come out keep some tippex handy 'cos there will be changes aplenty. Of course there may not, obviously I have no idea what the future holds for the new season but history does suggest that things may change once in a while along the way!

In fact if an Indonesian season does ever go to plan, and I mean the original plan and not one re-drafted several times, I think I will buy a hat just so I can eat the bloody thing.

Is a 13 month season a record? Obviously can't speak for other countries but I do know that here the 2007 season started in January 2007 and I don't think it ended till February 2008!

I know we shouldn't compare but it is a laugh. The A League doesn't start till next month but their fixtures were released back in early June I think it was. And even the Indian League games were released a couple of months before the season kicks off there. Here, we have 17 days till the new season begins and between now and then there is a World Cup Qualifier against Qatar and a friendly against Saudi Arabia which may be played in KL. Or it may not.

I challenge anyone to come up with a whackier footballing set up than what we have here! Indonesia, to coin a phrase...I'm lovin' it!

Thailand must run you guys close for wackiness. Constant fixture changes, introduction of cups mid-season' because the clubs wanted it', & last season finished two weeks before this one for some clubs.

Of course, as you often point out, at least the Thais get to see football :)
the introduction of the league cup was out there in the wackiness stakes for sure
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