Thursday, September 29, 2011


Increasing Capacity At JBS

SINGAPORE, 29 September 2011: The Football Association of Singapore (FAS), with the support of the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), is seeking to increase the seating capacity of the Jalan Besar Stadium.

“FAS has issued a Request-For-Proposal to interested vendors on 27 September 2011. We also conducted a briefing to them today. We hope to receive proposals that are innovative in expanding the seating capacity as well as in enhancing commercial returns which can then be used for the development of football in Singapore. We look forward to welcoming more supporters for our matches,” said FAS President Zainudin Nordin. (you will have to do a better job about informing them first!)

FAS hopes to appoint the vendor by the end of October 2011, and to complete the expansion works by early next year.

COMMENT - a good idea but one that should have been implemented once it was decided to knock down the old National Stadium. There is a crying need for a stadium in Singapore holding something like 15,000 - 20,000. Witness the recent World Cup Qualifier against Malaysia which could only hold 6,000 +

Rejoining the Malaysia Cup was an after-thought. Both Malaysia and Singapore swear they will never join back as in political merger...
First of all, the increase is only 1500 so it nw only 7500

Second it is only a temporary stand so it will be tear dwn once NS is build so Spore will still lack a mid-sized stdm
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