Thursday, September 08, 2011


The E Word

It doesn't matter if you had won your last 10 games then suddenly got held 1-1 by some minnow or you have lost the last three games, there will soon be a story somewhere with one of the club directors or owners being quoted as saying the coach's performance will be 'evaluated.'

It is now being bandied about in local media that Indonesia's coach, Wim Rijsbergen, is likely to have his performance 'evaluated' following two straight defeats in their World Cup Qualifying campaign.

Just think, had Arsenal or Manchester United been owned by Indonesians then Arsene Wenger would have been sacked the year after the first double while Sir Alex Ferguson would have got the bullet probably in 1988.

Sobering thought eh? You know, every year you hear about FA and club officials going to Europe for study tours. Beyond comparing prices on branded goods what is it they study on these tours? Cos a whole lot of nothing changes.

I know of one local government official who was sent on a study trip to Paris where he stayed several months. He returned to his home city no doubt brimming with ideas of river transport, a mass transit railway and a connected bus map. What did he do? He got some family members to set up a company selling traffic lights which were then sold to the local government!

Wifey made and sold the lights, hubby bought them and everyone was happy. People would either stand and stare at these exciting dazzling light shows or drivers would carry on regardless, perhaps wondering what silly sod had put those useless lights on every junction in town.


it's the same everywhere.
wanna buy a traffic light?
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