Thursday, September 22, 2011


Babel Cup, Pangkal Pinang

Nope, nothing to do with Ryan, Babel is an acronym for the island province of Bangka Belitung. Flushed with the success of a local movie, Laskar Pelangi, the islands have become a popular tourist destination for locals looking for a bit of peace and quiet basking in the glamour of fame.

The Depati Amir Stadium in Pangkal Pinang normally hosts local amateur team Persipas but this coming weekend will see the glamour of the Indonesia Super League descend with Deltras and Sriwijaya from nearby Palembang competing with a Babel Stars for the inaugural Babel Cup.

Deltras of course are now coached by Jorg Steinbrunner and a local paper is suggesting they will be including Franco Hita and Singapore international Shahril Ishak in their squad with former Etoile defender Kevin Yann.

Sriwijaya could well include young Nepalese striker Santosh who has been trialling with them recently. It's only a few hours by boat from Palembang, wonder if any Sriwijaya fans will make the journey?

23/09 - Sriwijaya v Babel Stars
24/09 - Deltras v Babel Stars
25/09 - Deltras v Sriwijaya

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