Friday, August 05, 2011


Tough Tests For Indonesia Ahead

With the World Cup Qualifiers a month ahead Indonesia are facing the usual old problem. They can't find opponents! It doesn't matter who runs the game in this country while the rest of the world is busy arranging its international calender 12 months in advance the FA here struggle to book hotels for their players and officials.

The friendly against Malaysia was cancelled for some reason. Australia apparently haven't replied, North Korean wanted too much money while Oman wanted to play in Oman.

Yet again we can look forward to the ignomy of the national team preparing for an international event against the Army, the Navy, various club Under 23 teams as well as groups of unsigned foreigners who fancy a kick around.

Malaysia, on the other hand, look to be playing Oman, the ones Indonesia didn't want to play, and Thailand instead of Indonesia.

It will be remembered that Malaysia, AFF Cup holders, are out of the World Cup while Indonesia are still very much involved..yet it is Malaysia that is keeping their national team busy!

Indonesia national team can play with my sunday league team if need an opponent..
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