Friday, August 19, 2011


Possible Mergers

This comes from a local language skills aren't good enough to tell whether they are confirmed or just negotiations or rumours. The presence of a company name in the original, not replicated here, suggests they are more than confirmed but I await others before coming down either way.

A couple of geographically interesting ones!

Persiraja & Aceh United - makes sense, both from Banda Aceh
PSMS & Bintang Medan - makes sense, both from Medan and PSMS have the brand recognition
Pro Titan & Medan Chiefs - makes sense, both have same owner
Persik & Minangkabau - East Java and West Sumatra? To be fair the city of Padang, home to Minangkabau, probably couldn't afford two teams
Persijap & Bogor Raya - Central Java and West Java? Greater Bogor already has Persikabo...
Persiba Bantul & Bandung - Yogyakarta Special Area and West Java! Bandung had to merge with someone. The city is Persib blue 100%.
Persis Solo and Solo - makes sense. Indonesia needs the city of Solo represented in the top flight
Perspiasi & Batavia Union - interesting one. Batavia Union originally spawned from Persitara but played many home games in Bekasi, West Java.
Persebaya & Persebaya 1927 - no explanation needed
PSS & Real Mataram - makes sense, both from Yogyakarta Special Area
PSIS/PPSM & Semarang United - SU will have to join forces with someone...but who with?
PSBS Biak & Cendrawasih Papua - makes sense, both in Papua though distances there are great
Perseden & Bali De Vata - makes sense, both on Bali
Persibom & Manado United - makes sense, both from North Sulawesi

If anyone knows more then feel free to let me know...

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