Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Lopes Moves To The Beach

Cristian Lopes has signed for Sri Racha. Yeah, I know, a little late.

The Brazilian striker has spent a number of years in Indonesia, most latterly with Deltras. My abiding memory of him though comes from his Pelita Jaya days when he fell to the ground like he had been poleaxed right in front of the travelling Persija fans.

It was as obvious as Buriram PEA winning the league. We knew it, he knew it. The fans knew it. The ref of course didn't know it and sent off a Persija player, I think it was Hamkah Hamza. Anyway Persija fans responded by booing and jumping up and down, yelling abuse.

Home fans in the main stand stand throwing stuff at the Persija fans and soon it was on. The festivities carried on into the car park where many windows were trashed meaning plenty of air conditioning on the drive home.

Anyway Lopes' antics left a sour taste in the mouth and I have had no respect for him since.

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