Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Johor Tour Singapore

You could throw a rock from JB to Singapore. If you had a strong arm. And were standing in the middle of the causeway. And a large pigeon suddenly swooped down from the Malaysian side, plucked the stone from your hands and carried it over to Singapore before dropping it on the miserable buggers who stamp passports for a living.

I've said before there should be a Causeway Cup between Woodlands Wellington and Johor each year to develop a sense of rivalry between the neighbours.

Ain't happened yet but Johor, ahead of their Malaysia Cup campaign, are playing a couple of friendlies in Lion City.

16/08 Tanjong Pagar v Johor
19/08 Geylang United v Johor

Aren't Etoile still based in JB? Couldn't they play Johor at the Larkin Stadium as well?

The Malaysia Cup kicks off in September, after the holiday following the fasting month, and Johor have been drawn against Kedah, Perak and Sabah. They host Kedah in the first game on 6 September.

Etoille would never be allowed to be based in JB to be in SLeague. They are based in Queenstown Stadium. I'd say let the Harimau Muda be based in Larkin Stadium and let the other SLeague travel there for away games. That would really make experience Malaysia Cup daze...
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