Thursday, August 04, 2011


Indonesian Football's Coming Back...

A date has been announced!

A recent gobfest featuring the new PSSI has announced that the 2011/2012 Indonesian season will commence on 8 October. Please not book any flights for that date hoping to actually see a game of football 'cos it may not happen. We're talking two months distant and that date, while it may gel with the AFC requirements, does not tale into account the World Cup Qualifiers or the SEA Games.

Someone said a week is a long time in politics. Well, two months is a bloody age in Indonesian football. It will drag interminably, dates may change, people may quit and even if nothing happens a random earthquake or political disaster could see everything change.

While there has been a date for football to commenc, how that football will proceed remains unclear. The competing teams won't be announced until 25 August though again, that may change. Or may not.

How the Liga Primer Indonesia will fit into the equation also remains unclear and will be a topic for a future posting.

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