Sunday, July 24, 2011


World Cup Qualifiers 2014

1st Leg

Singapore v Malaysia 5-3
Turkmenistan v Indonesia 1-1
Thailand v Palestine 1-0

Not good for the Thais is it? The slenderest of leads to take to the middle east, defeat against Palestine would cap a memorable period in Thai football, coincidentally under FA boss Worawi Makudi, when they have failed in the SEA Games, the Asian Cup, the AFF Cup and now this? Still, he must be the right man for the job having just been elected.

The Big Pussycat Derby exceeded expectations. I will be writing more about it later but, in a nutshell, Malaysia went 1-0 within seconds, by half time it was 4-1 Singapore, two quick goals second half made it 4-3 but Duric using his strength made it 5 with about nine minutes left. But will it be enough?

Indonesia! Never thought they'd get a result there in a place most folks couldn't find on a map butthey done it and now, with the Bung Karno massive behind them, they are just 90 minutes away from a place in the 3rd Round draw.

Even Indonesia couldn't screw this up ... could they?

Pity Laos couldn't hang onto that two-goal lead in China.
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