Tuesday, July 05, 2011


When Safiq Followed Safee

The Malaysia Super League has been closed to foreigners these last few seasons and while there are rumours doors will open again next year nothing has yet been confirmed.

In the past Malaysia was seen as an attractive destination for Australians, Singaporeans and Indonesians. Whether it will still be seen as attractive next year remains to be seen considering the rumours of match fixing and unpaid salaries that surround the game there.

The national team though can do no wrong and shortly after helping Malaysia win the AFF Cup striker Safee Sali headed south to join the unfancied and perennially underfunded Pelita Jaya and his goals helped the side climb away from the drop zone.

Now comes word that Safiq Rahim, the captain of the successful Malaysian national team, is interested in a move to Indonesia.

An agent is currently touting Rahim round a number of teams with Pelita Jaya, Persib, Persiba, Persija and Sriwijaya among those interested.

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