Wednesday, July 27, 2011


SEA Games Moved?

It was reported locally the the venue for the SEA Games this November was being moved from Palembang to Jakarta. Apparently the Jakabaring Stadium is being used for the opening and closing ceremonies as well!

Palembang was also supposed to host the AFF Under 23s earlier this month but that was delayed or has been cancelled. Difficult to tell which, it can be difficult to get straight answers in this part of the world at times!

Anyway what was the point of having the AFF Under 23s and the SEA Games? The latter is also an Under 23 competition!

hahaha, good laugh here to relax before tomorrow morning u-turn trip to Stade d'Jalil Hill.
Has the U-23 tourney not been officially called-off up to this time?
not sure yet

enjoy your trip to kl tomorrow!
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