Monday, July 04, 2011


Persebaya Fans Riot

There are three leagues in Indonesia and two teams called Persebaya. There is Persebaya in the Divisi Utama and Persebaya 1927 who compete in the Liga Primer Indonesia. Three leagues yet we are still several weeks away from any competitive football.

Yesterday a friendly between Blitar Selection and Persebaya 1927 was abandoned due to a riot between the two sets of supporters. In Indonesia throwing stones between rival gangs is classified a riot.

So two sets of lads throwing stones at each other. Thing is there are stones lying round everywhere doing nothing. At least these fans are giving them some employment by lobbing them at other people.

Persebaya fans are known as Bonek and are widely feared by good, honest law fearing folk who call anyone committing any kind of anto social act a Bonek.

Without any meaningful crowd control at football matches then incidents like this are always likely to happen and always likely to make headlines.

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