Thursday, July 07, 2011


Fowler To Muang Thong?

The rumours have been gathering pace the last few days and now it looks like an announcement will be made tomorrow. Thai back to back champions Muang Thong United have been in talks with former Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler with a view to signing him for the second half of the season.

Muang Thong are owned by a media company and know all about grabbing a bit of publicity to ad their cause. Will the potential signing of Fowler be anything more than a publicity stunt?

Another former England international, Lee Hendrie, signed for Bandung earlier in the year but the Indonesians have been unable to capitalise on his presence in the team. If Fowler does sign expect Muang Thong's PR to go into overdrive.

Will you be in KL, Alan, for Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea Asia Tour?
for Arsenal, yes
Good news! I hope this transfer really occur. It will be a good addition to the Thai League...
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