Monday, July 04, 2011


Destroying Indonesian Football

National team coach Alfred Riedl has accused bickering football officials of destroying Indonesian football.

Last year Indonesia finished second at the AFF Cup, losing to Malayisa in the final. What was needed then was a sustained programme to keep the momentum going but of course that never happened.

The ongoing farce surrounding the PSSI leadership has meant that there is no one in a position to organise or pay for training sessions or friendlies.

Coming up this month are the World Cup qualifiers, home and away, against Turkmenistan while Palembang is hosting an Under 23 competition featuring nations from ASEAN.

People talk about reform but whoever gets elected we will still have the same problems. Departments who need the money don't get it so they can't function with the Chairman of the FA signing off on things. Will a new leadership change that? Bet your bottom rupiah they won't. For the people attracted to these types of jobs it's all about power and prestige. And where's the power when your subordinates have responsibility to sign their own cheques?

Change the game? You're having a laugh!!!

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