Monday, July 25, 2011


Aleksander Duric (Tampines Rovers & Singapore)

I'm not going to write a complete piece about Duric, life is too short, and anyway you can find all that on his Wiki page. Instead I'll just throw some numbers out there about this phenomenal professional footballer.

It looks like he started his career late, when he was in his early 20s, and despite only staying in Australia less than seven he managed to squeeze in nine clubs!

But it is in Singapore he has made his name and just check out his record since he first played for Tanjong Pagar United back in 1999.

Tanjong Pagar United 16 games, 15 goals
Home United 10 games, 11 goals
Geylang United 126 games, 148 goals
SAFFC 129 games, 157 goals

Now of course he is with Tampines and the 40 year old has only scored 26 goals in his 40 games. Piss poor you have to say!

For the national team he has managed 18 goals in his 36 appearances.

What's his secret? How can someone carry on playing past 40 and have netted more than 450 goals in a career spanning two decades?

As far as I can make out nothing more than hard work. He trains very hard and often and he takes care of his body. As athletes should do.

Forget your Wayne Rooneys and Emmanuel Adebayor, if you want a football role model check out this geezer...

Wow, can't really remember his time at Home United, any pics to recollect?
nope, fraid not, before my time!
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