Tuesday, July 05, 2011


AFF Under 23s Under Threat

It doesn't matter whether the Indonesian Football Association has a leadership or not. They are still plainly incapable of carrying out the simplest of tasks.

Palembang is due to host the AFF Under 23 later this month. Only the pitch is being renovated and it ain't ready yet. The PSSI, I guess thinking they're being pro active for once, have written to the AFF giving two options.

One is to cancel the tournament. The other is to relocate to Jakarta.

Dear PSSI. We live in an era of budget flights. Teams participating in international events like to know where they are playing and staying so thay can make arrangements accordingly. The media to0.

Outside, in the big wide world far from Indonesia's many shores there are people who are bale to plan things in advance.

So not only can't Indonesia organise an election to select a new leadership for its embattled FA, they can't even organise an Under 23 event.

Of course, as a foreigner I'm not really entitled to have an opinion on matters like this. I don't understand the way Indonesians do things, I'm the eternal outsider and that's fine by me. I'm not being judged by my actions.

Later this year, of course, Indonesia is also hosting the SEA Games in Jakarta and Palembang. Will they be ready for that?

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