Monday, June 06, 2011


Shahril Miisses Maldives Friendly

Tomorrow sees Singapore take on The Maldives in a friendly that both will use as vial preparation ahead of World Cup preparations.

One player missing from the squad, despite having been called up initially, is Medan Chiefs Shahril Ishak. The Medan Chiefs play in the breakaway Liga Primer Indonesia which, under the old PSSO regime, was not recognised and was effectively an illegal league not recognised by PSSI, AFC and them doyens of transparency and fairness, FIFA.

However it was said a few weeks back that the Normalisation Committee (known in Indonesian as KN) set up by FIFA to bring normalcy to Indonesian football, whatever that may mean, had recognised the LPI and brought them under the PSSI umbrella.

It seems the Football Association of Singapore aren't convinced and after calling up Shahril for the Maldives game he won't actually be involved. At a press conference ahead of tomorrow's game Liga Singapura spoke to FAS and they said that FIFA still doesn't recognise the LPI.

I'm gobsmacked. I never written the word recognised so many times in such a short period of time.

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