Thursday, June 23, 2011


Noise Annoys

The official attendance last night at the SLeague game between Woodlands Wellington and Home United was 711, a number drawn straight from JK Rawling’s imagination. But the empty terraces didn’t stop the MTV wanna be VJ treating the event like an end of term disco. The music was cranked up high with the kind of chunes spotty, gum chewing adolescences would hang against the wall looking cool to.

Thing is there weren’t that many kids at the game. Kids want music to dance what guess what? They go to clubs! Not bloody football matches. Still, it’s probably what they do in England innit?

Most people who had gone to the game were old buggers, even older than me. Which meant that before the game had kicked off and at half time it was impossible for us to have a conversation with our near neighbor, the dreadful racket drowned out any kind of meaningful conversation and many fans had to resort to texting just to chat to their friend next to them.

They love pointless noise in this part of the world. Silence is an irritation to them, a worry. No wonder notions like yoga and meditation took root in this part of the world, it was old buggers like me trying to get away from the din created by kids living out their VJ fantasies.

After the Thai Port game against Khon Kaen we were treated to a double act as two numpties sharing the mic after the game treated us to their favorite chunes interspersed with their own inane natter as they told each other daft jokes and said things like ‘oh look, a farang on the field.’

The same in Cambodia. At half time we were treated to a couple of tracks of local music cranked up high. But not as high as on Singapore.

No one goes to games in Singapore. Obviously this idea od hip young DJ wannabes ain’t pulling the punters. Perhaps it would nice of the SLeague pulled the plug on them and their racket!

The constant blasting of the speakers truly spoil the viewing pleasure for live S League matches for me as well
things were much quieter last night at toa payoh 555
I wonder if the government, or even the local police officials knows that noise kills! Nothing is being done about the millions of bike with modified exhaust in all the Indonesians cities, noise of these arrogant bikers are way above the acceptable International limits and annoying everybody!
It is time that the officials act a little bit to reduce that noise pollution unbearable to peoples who needs to rest in silence at home after a long day at work!
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