Sunday, June 19, 2011


Ministry National Defence v Preah Khan Reach

Sod it if you think I’m typing all that every time! This was MND v PKR and again while they were a few hundred fans in the stadium for this 4 pm kick off there didn’t appear to be any kind of fan groups although a few kids were wearing PKR FC t shirts.

This was a much more even game than what had passed before with MND scoring early on. And in their number 17 perhaps the best player of the day, plenty of pace and some end product once in a while. A bit like Oktavianus Maniani with Sriwijaya, although he caught the eye in one game for an hour or so you can’t help but wonder whether he is a one trick pony or not. Must ask around.

Anyway, better performance by both teams with MND using their strikers to work hard, defending in the opponents half, closing down defenders on the ball causing them to make mistakes in position. saying that though PKR knocked the ball round well and in the first half alone had the MND keeper reacting smartly to rebounds off his defenders on three occasions to keep the hosts in the ascendancy.

One goal, think it may have been the 3rd, was a good as you’re going to see anywhere. The number 17 had spied a gap in the defence and was released by a neat through ball. Beating the offside trap he drew the keeper and scored. Possibly the best move of the day.

PKR got a dubious penalty and pulled one back which kept the last 20 minutes or so interesting but MND held on for a 3-1 win.

A word about the ref in this game. Not too bad actually. Unlike the first game this guy was happy to let the game flow, especially when players went down for a water break, sorry, an injury, he would let the game run until the ball went out of play.

As the game wore on the afternoon got cooler and the crowd built up. Not, though, for the football. High above the pitch at the top of the banks of mostly empty benches dozens of people were doing aerobics while still others ran amid the benches along the length of the field and then some.

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