Monday, June 27, 2011


Geylang United

In the sanitized atmosphere of Singapore football not many of the teams there 'feel' like a football club in the sense of a team identifiable with their local community. You don't walk round Woodlands or Tampines and see people wearing club colours unless it's a Liverpool or Manchester United shirt.

The only times I've seen people wearing club colours in Singapore, I mean local club, it has been the green of Geylang United.

Going to the game last Friday, to the food court in the nearby HDB, there were plentyu of folks wearing Geylang United shirts. Worryingly it was mostly older buggers. There was though one kid scampering around. He had a Geylang t shirt and was carrying a copy of the match programme as well as his match ticket.

The programme was a great effort. Traditionally the club have put together a match programme for home games for a number of years, check this one from 2007 against Tampines Rovers, but now it is a full colour eight page affair.

There is no atmosphere at Bedok Stadium, I believe they are in the process of putting together a new supporters club, but it takes time to put things together. No one ever went to a football match just for a programme, actually they have done and continue to do so, but it looks like geylang are starting to develop their marketing and PR side.

Hopefully it pays off for them!

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for coming to our game last Friday, and thank you very much for the write up as well!

Best Regards,
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