Friday, June 03, 2011


Football Shirt Costs

In one of my less busy moments at work this morning I wondered aloud why the Albirex Niigata replica shirt costs 98 SGD was nearly twice as expensive as the Geylang United one which costs 50 SGD.

Koh Mui Tee, who is the Albirex Niigata manager, tells me that it is down to demand. They shift about 150 shirts a year while Geylang United manage a fraction of that.

I was in a sports shop yesterday in Jakarta and, shock of bloody shocks, they had some Indonesian football shirts! Persija's was selling at 149,000 IDR while Persib's was more expensive, perhaps 279,000 IDR. Again, another big difference!

Of course Persija don't have an official website but Persib do!

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