Tuesday, June 07, 2011


BEC Tero Fire Butler

A couple of years back I was looking forward to seeing Persija play Persiba. The reason? Persiba were coached by former West Ham player Peter Butler and I thought he would make an interesting interview.

Anyway, ahead of the game he only went and got the sack. Most frustrating but hey. That's football as they all say.

He fronted up next in Kelantan. I started making a couple of tentative plans to take in a Kelantan game on my next visit to Malaysia but what happens? He ups sticks again and heads to Yangon United.

Sod that for a game of tic tac toe, I was getting wise to the chase now, I thought I'd sit tight and wait for the inevitable.

Sure enough he soon left there and was appointed coach of BEC Tero. Great. I'm in Thailand this weekend, I'll try and touch base with him then. But nope, nothing is ever that easy. His team lost four games on the bounce and it was announced yesterday he had been sacked from BEC Tero, again, days before I had hoped to try and meet him.

What to do eh?

he still have Cambodia,Philipines,Laos,Brunei to complete his ASEAN tour
my take on Cambodia since Phnom Phen Crown's Bojan Hodak left for china
yep, a one man ASEAN ambassador!
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