Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Bangkok Glass Curse

I’ve probably seen Bangkok Glass more than any other Thai team with the exception of Thai Port. Yet it could have been more. But, as it says on the tine, this site is a look at South East Asian football from the terraces. And the pub!

Last year I was in Singapore for the Cup Final. Bangkok Glass were up against Tampines Rovers and it promised to be a goodie. I set off nice and early, did some shopping, you know the important things like pickled onions and Branston Pickle.

I’d arranged to meet a friend, who shall remain nameless, for lunch at a certain Irish watering hole in town. There were still seven hours to kick off, how much trouble could I, with a full plastic bag of groceries, get up to in such a short period of time?

Plenty, as it happens. Against my will, well sort of, I was dragged round the four floors on the busiest afternoon of the week with my shopping in tow. I had a game to get to but I kept convincing myself just one more and I’ll be on my way.

Never happened of course. I finally got home a couple of hours shy of sunrise with my plastic battered but my shopping intact.

Seven months later and I’m in Bangkok really looking forward to seeing Bangkok Glass take on Chonburi. A resurgent Bunnies against the team playing the best football in the league. I had been looking forward to this game ever since it had been announced on a much amended fixture list.

Fatefully I agreed to meet someone for a quick drink after they’d finished work. That quick drink had followed several other quick drinks elsewhere…the day was degenerating into a bars I have loved and loathed in equal measure as I bounced from drinking hole to drinking hole in what was a very, very quiet Bangkok.

Gutted again at missing a big game. Apologies to the guy I was supposed to meet at the game, to the guy who never made it to the game as he joined me on my trip down memory lane and apologies to my son who never got hos very own bunny.

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