Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Typical Singapore Response

An article in Today about coach Raddy Avramovic looking ahead to a busy few months with World Cup qualifiers on the horizon.

This is an extract from a comment posted on the page.

It's a typical Singaporean. The government should do more, blame the government blah blah and blah. The game is what it is and none of it travails can be thrown at the feet of the government. The FA don't show leadership. Instead they play to the gallery and hope giving away free ice cream will bring the punters in.

They fog about official match attendances, they do nothing to promote their own league or players.

The Singapore public are condescending about the game on their own doorstep and are constantly on the look out for free tickets. They complain match tickets, at 5SGD/6SGD/10SGD are too expensive.

Luckily fans at Hougang United as well as the people behind Young Lions are making an effort to try and change things but this ain't down to the government. It's football's mess and football needs to sort itself out and start selling itself to the public. And the public needs to realise 5 bucks is way too cheap.

I wish the government would be more generous in funding and putting in reforms to make footballing as a career more viable in Singapore.

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