Tuesday, May 24, 2011


SLeague Players Brawling Again

Singapore goes with squeaky clean in the same way Worcestershire Sauce goes with Shepherd's Pie. It's a nice peaceful place where tempers only get raised on newspaper websites.

Except when it comes to football. You just know when the Straits Times writes about local football it ain't gonna be in glowing terms. Last nights postponement of the game between Hougang United and Etoile before the ref had tossed a coin is fodder for the ST assassins and they loving it on their high horse...I would post the link but only half the story is on line, the rest is only available to paying subscribers which I ain't.

So what happened? Funnily enough it sounds like there was an Arsene Wenger impersonater conference going on in the same area because despite there being 2,000 fans there no one saw a thing.

Apparently a ball went on to the wrong side of the field during the warm up, some male egos were put out by this affront to their alpha male status when a player crossed the line to collect the offending ball, they probably puffed their chests out, puffed their cheeks out and waved their arms.

Players from both sides then got involved and soon it was a western style bar room brawl before, somehow, they were sent back down the tunnel. I wonder if there was a piano playing in the background, perhaps one guy found a bottle of whiskey in the dug out, took a quick nip then smashed the bottle on an oponents head.

My sources tell me this brawl was part of the Football Association of Singapore's well received Strategic Plan to raise the profile of the SLeague and attract more punters.

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