Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A North Eastern Affair

Kelantan will meet Terengganu in the Malaysia FA Cup final after both secured convincing victories in the semi final. Kelantan beat Selangor 6-2 (5-1, 1-1) while Terengganu overcame Pahang 5-2 (3-2, 2-0).

Difficult finding info out about the game in Malaysia at times. Malaysia Football hasn't updated the FA Cup while even the Wikipedia page is behind schedule. It's a sorry state of affairs when I have to go to gambling websites to keep up to date with the game there. The FAM and the Malaysia Super League websites have been designed by three year olds with little thought for the end user experience...

remarkable performance by Kelantan. Won 5-1 at Shah Alam on Friday night with a scintillating performance.

5-0 up on 90 mins, having hit the woodwork twice and come close on 3 other occasions. Selangor minus first choice 'keeper and both centre backs - even so,Karathu's team tore them apart.

2nd leg ended 1-1. Rather tame - though hardi Jaafar again lost his rag and had to be substituted.

Terengganu came back from 2-0 down in the first leg in Kuantan to win 3-2 with 2 late goals. Second leg was routine.

Terengganu vs Kelantan final on June 11th (on Astro Arena Ch 801). The two best footballing teams in the league - an invasion of the North East to Shah Alam.Imagine Sunderland versus Newcastle going to Wembley, and you'll get an idea of the passion expected.
thanks for the info akerss

i may be in Malaysia if the Arsenal make it there...promised the missus I'd take her!
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