Monday, May 16, 2011


Let's All Laugh At Malaysian FA!

Like many football fans I love a good hoot. Especially when it involves football associations, the people charged with running the game. The Malaysian Football Association have always been good fun, perhaps reaching their peak while they were hosting the Asia Cup back in 2007. Instead of having the football world focus on the Asian nations, Malaysia wanted to have a friendly against Manchester United!

My mate Haresh has been doing some great stuff over the last few days highlighting FAM incompetence including talking to one gent who denied being appointed chairman of the committee charged with investigating corruption and match fixing allegations.

Anyway he has since found out that he does in fact lead that committee and it was all a misunderstanding which of course expunges him from any blame. So this new committee has now started work and he has boasted that one of his responsibilities is 'to filter and check on foreign players playing in the country.'

Jakarta Casual would like to help out the committee in this onerous task by pointing out that there aren't any foreign players playing in Malaysia and there hasn't been for the last couple of years!

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