Monday, May 30, 2011


July Good Time For EPL Fans In Malaysia

13/07 - Malaysia XI v Arsenal
21/07 - Malaysia Select v Chelsea

Also rumours Liverpool may come over as well. No sign of Manchester United which could lead to questions being asked in parliament...

Wish these touring sides would play against local clubs - it would help grow awareness of local club football. I believe Japan has a rule that touring sides must play against only J-League clubs (no national sides, foreign clubs or select teams). AFC might ponder a similar continent wide rule.
agreed 100%
the idea is to give as much experience as possible to the boys for them to develop better football. M'sia young national squad need all the experience they could have and So, we would appreciate any teams with such quality to come down and play. We have won the SEA Games, AFF Cup and who might knows we could progress more after these two games ... we KLC we'll b there when the boys start kicking those two games in July ... Should you guys have the bottles to come down and watch the game, u will b most welcome....
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