Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Handbags At Hougang

So what are people saying after last night's brawl before the Hougang United v Etoile SLeague which saw the game cancelled before the kick off.

The SLeague website comes out with the usual spiel about taking a serious view blah blah blah. The FA took a serious view last year of a similar incident between Young Lions and Beijing Guoan, those lengthy suspensions saw players miss out on the AFF Cup and obviously no lessons have been learned.

Players were banned for several months after that incident. Perhaps we can expect offenders to be caned this time?

One of the Hougang United blogs didn't say anything beyond the fact that the game had been postponed to a later date, not knowing why. An Etoile fan blog saw nothing while a second Houngang United FC blog hasn't even updated for a few days.

SLeague Football just copied the story from Today, a local free newspaper, while Channel News Asia also goes with the same story from the same source.

All this silence is wierd when a club official claims there were 2,000 people inside the stadium. I guess anyone caught blabbing about what they witnessed would end up feeding the fishes courtesy of Seven Fingered Sebastian and his gang of ruthless cuthroats.

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