Thursday, May 05, 2011


European Has Been Rubbishes Asian Football

Mateja Kezman, who had one season with Chelsea, has described the AFC Cup as 'rubbish' after his South China team lost 4-2 away to Persipura. The comments came in an interview he gave with the South China Morning Post but as you have to register or pay to read the whole story, and I can't be arsed, the Jakarta Globe summarises it here.

He said it was an unfair competition where the home side can have a great advantage which of course never happens in the west does it? He also complains about the heat which is daft when you consider Indonesia is a tropical country so you would expect a bit of heat.

Since 2004 Kezman has played for seven teams in seven countries and, no disrespect to South China, he probably only ended up there as there was hardly a queue of teams in Europe wanting to take him on.

He goes on to describe Hong Kong and the people there as amazing and nice, he knows where his bread is buttered after all, but his patronising, nay offensive comments about the AFC Cup show a complete lack of style and humility.

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