Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Deltras Players Unpaid

It is being reported that players from Indonesia Super League team Deltras, them specialists of last minute penalties at home, haven't been paid for nine months. Which is just about the whole bloody season!

Deltras, from Sidoarjo, have even lost their last two home games, a real culture shock down their way, against Pelita Jaya and Semen Padang, teams hardly known for their success on the road and they are now second bottom in the ISL nine points clear of bottom club Bontang. Mathematically they could be overtaken but it is unlikely with several games remaining.

Among the foreign players at Deltras are Danilo Fernando, Cristian Lopes and Marcio Souza. The club also have a 23 year old girl as club manager who was recently photographed travelling round Europe on an FA funded jaunt while the players were getting by on noodles and water.

The guy sobbing in the picture? Wasn't he the one Noh Alam Shah grabbed by the balls last year while he was playing for Persela?

UPDATE - no, not the same person I'm reliably informed!

no anthony..alamshah "maho" partner is fx yanuar wahyu persela bek (dont know he still there or not thought)..the guy in the photo is yanuar fernanda deltras goal keeper
thx for the heads up..aLL these yanuar f get confusing for me!
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